The list of people who have taken care of us over the past few weeks and who have offered to do so in the future is overwhelming. TC, being the modest guy that he is, will reenter a state of shock upon hearing about this outpour of generosity. Between our families, friends, co-workers, community members and businesses, and many MOTH families, we are able to get by everyday. These kind offers make it possible for me to focus on TC while simultaneously attempting to mother Jack.

Yesterday Jack had the thrill of his life at Boogie Babes, the music class he participates in every Thursday. The wonderful people at Boogie Babes graciously offered to donate yesterday’s proceeds to help our family with medical and living expenses. Here is a video taken by Jack’s amazing nanny as he and his buddy enjoy the show. Forgive the fuzziness.

Thank you to everyone who is taking care of us at the moment. I hope to repay you in more adequate thank yous in time to come, but for now please know that we love and appreciate everything you’re doing.

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