Dear TC,

On this anniversary of your birth, I choose to believe our love can and WILL transcend the limitations and challenges before us. I look back through thousands of photos of us and watch us transform into a couple, and then a family, whose love for each other deeply and profoundly binds us. I am in complete awe of your strength and resilience.

I choose to believe in your invincibility – your determination to achieve every purpose in your life. Your love, your wisdom, and your kindness fuel me with the type of unimaginable strength I will need to survive these hard days. You have made me better, have made my life better, in every possible way. I owe you every ounce of my strength and fortitude.

I choose to believe that because of our love, we can rise above some of the injustices of the world and learn to live with the uncertainty that accompanies fear. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you, TC, and I vow not to let this hideous example of hate break our spirits or define our future lives. There are better days ahead.

With love forever & always –

TC’s first stab at writing to us – frustrating for him, but completely inspiring for us 

Jack celebrates his dad’s birthday in true TC fashion – at the Nats game, surrounded by friends and family

2 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Happy birthday TC – the message he tried to write brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for doing these updates. As fellow family in Capitol Hill, we are praying for you, TC, and Jack each day and it is so good to see how things move.


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