Patience – Part II

I was hoping to reserve my next update for the day TC gets transferred to the rehabilitation hospital. Today was supposed to be that day. Of course, as hospital life would have it, TC’s admission to rehab got canceled at the very last minute. Now we are hoping he’ll be moved sometime tomorrow.

TC is beyond ready to move off of the neuro unit he is currently being treated on. Today he proved his readiness by talking up a storm, dressing himself, and beating me at two games of Connect Four. Each day is proof that there is nothing written in stone about how his recovery will go. He continues to surprise us all with his remarkable progress. It was fascinating to watch him beat me at Connect Four when only two days ago he couldn’t determine the object of the game or figure out how to manipulate the game pieces.  

At the advice of friends and loved ones, I am beginning to document TC’s recovery using photos and videos. I hope these pieces of evidence will encourage TC to see the range of his progress on the days he becomes frustrated. However, I won’t feel comfortable sharing them here until I have his approval.

When TC found out his move to rehab was being delayed, he was extremely upset. He understands that Jack will only be able to see him once he is in the rehabilitation hospital. In frustration he yelled and cursed and accused me of screwing up all the plans. While I reached out to various staff members pleading to get TC moved today, I tried to reassure him I was working on his behalf. I completely understand his frustration and it’s painful to watch him sit idle when I know he’s ready to begin the work ahead.

On days like today I have to dig hard for patience. At the end of the day, I come home to an almost 2 year old who needs me just as much as his dad does. I’m an easy and convenient target for both of their frustrations and I’m trying hard to keep my cool. I know there are better days ahead, some in the very near future. Once TC gets to rehab, I look forward to updating everyone about the Daddy & Jack reunion we’ve been looking forward to for nearly four weeks.

3 thoughts on “Patience – Part II

  1. I just want to let you know how much I'm rooting for your family and for TC! I also have a toddler and can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to be the glue holding your family together at a time like this. If you ever need help, I think many of us who are sharing your journey would be happy to jump in and support you any way we can.

    I wish you, TC, and Jack the very best.


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