Halfway There!

To be honest, I’ve been feeling so silly this evening I really didn’t think I’d be able to turn out a blog post. Even as I sit here, soaking up the warm summer night air next to the pool, I find myself giggling with a new friend as we attempt to “get some work done.” So, as I thought about what I want to say now that I’ve reached the halfway point in my training, I guess that’s what I want to say: I feel silly again. I am having so much fun and feeling a great sense of lightness, even as I contemplate all of life’s really big and important stuff.

I feel like ME. The prankster responsible for numerous distractions during ballet class growing up. The kid at the sleepover who laughed till she cried, making up ridiculous songs and dances. The post-college wanderluster embarking on a series of international adventures. I never took life too, too seriously. That is, until I did.

And now I am having the most marvelous time reconnecting with these other sides of myself. I don’t care who’s watching as I try to contort myself into some crazy yoga posture, knowing full well I’m about to fall on my face. I am blurting out jokes faster than my self-conscious has time to censor them. If you knew me growing up, this is probably sounding familiar. But it is so NOT the person I’ve been in the past few years. It was really amazing to start writing a blog that people who didn’t know me personally actually read, but ever since our lives became quite public, I’ve become quite cautious about what aspects of myself to expose. And, in turn, all of that thinking gets quite exhausting.

PicturePractice, practice, practice.

So, back to Greece & yoga. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Today I taught my first mini-class. And by mini, I mean very, very mini. It was a grand total of 15 minutes, but I had so much fun and my dear friends forgave me for all my errors (now is definitely the time to know my right from my left).
  • After 7 straight days of Ashtanga yoga, I had an amazing day off. It began prematurely (as in, the night before) with drinks and dancing in Oia. Then I enjoyed a day of quiet – blogging for Brainline.org, swimming in the pool, and eating a glorious dessert overlooking the ocean. 
  • I survived 24 hours of no talking and no technology. And I LOVED it. I wrote in my journal, meditated in a hammock, took a walk on the beach, and started reading a new yoga book. This is an experience that must be repeated. And I think it might start with a new rule at home: no internet after 9PM.

But the thing I’m most excited about is that I think I’ve discovered how I’d like to practice yoga when I get home: planning yoga caregiver retreats. I can’t think of a group more deserving of a few days of rest, relaxation, and reflection than hardworking caregivers. So now I need to set out and make this dream a reality. So much to do in this life, I just need more time!

In other good news, my lovely husband joins me out here on August 1st and we will finally take the Greek honeymoon we’ve always dreamed of. There is much to look forward to in the weeks ahead, and so much to enjoy right now in the present moment. I’ve said it a million times already, but thank you, universe. I am so incredibly grateful.


Beautiful Oia.

6 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. So nice to see you dared to take time out for yourself and are restoring the vital mind-body connection. So happy that TC is recovering well. We are always praying for the continued healing of your family.
    When you get a chance, check out Budokon. It is an amazing movement system involving yoga and martial arts. You will love it. There are locations in DC and in Maryland. I train in MD. We would be honored if you visit our MD school and share the training floor with us 🙂


  2. Reading your past few posts demonstrated such an incredible struggle and impressive achievement, I am so happy to hear that you have not only had the opportunity to find yourself again, but have embraced parts of you, you feared were buried. This is clearly another exciting chapter for you and your family and I truly wish you, TC and Jack all the best!


  3. Muhib, I would be honored! I return to DC in August and would love to take a class. Is there a website or an e-mail address you can direct me to? Thank you for reading!


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