new year, new adventures

From sunny Mexico to another historic blizzard in Washington, DC, it’s been an eventful 2016 so far! In case you’ve missed anything, here are our current 2016 stats:

  • Jack is now 5-years-old with a little less than 5 months to go until kindergarten! His current obsessions include all things repitilian or prehistoric, cooking shows (The Great British Baking Show and Chopped are the top faves), and training in the Jedi arts.
  • Speaking of things happening in a little less than 5 months, Baby Maslin #2 is on the way with an estimated due date at the end of June! At 20 weeks into this pregnancy, I am feeling pretty great (with the exception of a minor head cold at the moment) and I really can’t complain. For those wondering about the gender, we’re keeping this one a surprise! Secrets have never been my thing. I am a notorious Christmas present snoop and I like to know everything at pretty much the moment it happens, so this is a giant test of my patience. I’m already dying of curiosity, but trying to distract myself with other matters…
  • …such as, our new house! At the end of the school year we’re headed back down to southern Maryland. It will be an exciting, albeit scary, change. Although it will be full of opportunities to spend more time on the water and be close to family, I’m committed to


the idea that we’ll stay closely connected to our Capitol Hill kin. TC will be a part-time commuter to the city and I can’t function without occasional trips to the Eastern Market cheese shop. More importantly, we’re definitely not ready to say goodbye to all our wonderful friends here. D.C., you’re not quite rid of us yet!

  • TC is doing amazingly well in all regards. He is working full-time, has been seizure-free for more than a year and a half now, and recently tried his hand (OK, feet) at running again. In a few more weeks, he’ll meet another milestone: driving again! It’s been a long 3.5 years behind the driver’s wheel, so while I’m incredibly nervous about this change, I can appreciate how much it means to TC and how much it will benefit us all.

New Year’s resolutions don’t seem so necessary in a year where there is an abundance to celebrate and enjoy, so instead I’m trying to fill these remaining baby-free weeks with lots of reading, writing, Jack-time, and yoga. Life is so very good at the moment and hopefully there will be more to share here!


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff
The Light of the World by Elizabeth Alexander
We are Called to Rise by Laura McBride
When Breath Becomes Air * by Paul Kalanithi

*Cannot recommend highly enough! A beautiful read!

6 thoughts on “new year, new adventures

  1. Abby and TC, best news I have read all day! Just wondering which county–Charles, Calvert or St Mary’s so that I can recommend newspapers and churches (Episcopal, of course!). I hope the drive will not be too long for TC


    1. My post took off before I was finished. I think I have figured out the county. I hope you will email me with more information. I have been with you since Day One!
      My family and I haveives in Southern MD for 51 years. I am from W NC, my husband (56 years and counting) from Baltimore. Hope to meet you, TC and children.


  2. Abby, you are an inspiration to me! Since I have retired (about a year and a half ago), I have been able to breathe and catch up on what everyone is doing outside of my world. I wasn’t even on FB until last November! Tom has read your posts over time and briefly shared with me updates in your life over the last few years.
    I am so excited for the coming of your new little one. Children breathe new breath into all of life. My granddaughters light up my life! Jack is such a cutie! T.C. sounds like an amazing guy wanting to drive soon!
    I am going to pick up the book that you especially liked!
    Time flies and of course love the memories of our trip to Mexico so long ago! Say hi to your sister and mother for me. Life is good! Love to all your family!


    1. Thank you for this kind message! If this baby is half as cute as your sweet granddaughters, we’ll be thrilled : ) I think of you often (favorite teachers leave quite an impression you know!) and I’m so happy to reconnect. XO


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