For someone who loves to read as much as I do, I admit to being a pretty terrible book club member. Over the years, I’ve joined many with great enthusiasm and then failed to show up at the first meeting. In the rare event that I do show up for a meeting, I usually haven’t read the book. But at least I festively partake in the beverages! (That counts, right?)

In addition to being a delinquent book club member, I am also a delinquent library patron. There is no one this causes more shame than my very own mother (a librarian herself). I am the patron who requires the maximum number of renewals possible and still returns the book late (if at all, because at this point, let’s be honest, there is a very good chance the book is lost).
So now I read most everything on my Kindle, which is not as aesthetically or tactilely appealing as holding a real book, but it’s really the only practical solution for a nursing mother with only one available arm at any given time.
All of this leads me to your invitation today: Book Club 6.0 in my life, otherwise known as the Love Hard Book Club – the online edition. The inspiration for this online club stems from my recent commitment to another book club venture, this one in southern Maryland. Not only did I show up for last week’s first meeting, I made it through like 52% of the book beforehand (thank you, Kindle Paperwhite, for those precise stats). The book was Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld and it was a cute, contemporary rendition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Not an earth shattering read (I’ve since finished it, just in case you were questioning the legitimacy of my opinion), but a fun book – perfect for those late night nursing sessions in which I’m reading with one eye open and the other rolled back in my head.
This latest book club has reinvigorated my interest in book clubs of all kinds and in the next month alone I have two dates to discuss books by my current author crush, Glennon Doyle Melton, the adorable and unexpectedly sage-like genius behind
I try hard not to fall into author obsession, but I’m finding this particularly hard to do because a) Glennon is so gutwrenchingly endearing, and b) because I have an all-or-nothing personality, which at times dictates that I eat only Caesar salads for months on end while listening only to the song Crazy in Love by Beyonce. That is to say, when I like something, I really like it (until I’ve gorged to the point of nausea).
Glennon has two books: Carry on Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Beautiful, Messy Life and her latest book, Love Warrior, which is a raw, naked, brutiful (a Glennon word) account of healing herself after infidelity in her marriage. Both are fabulous. Both are well worth the read. Both are perfectly suited for folks who love to ponder love, read about love, experience love, and cry about love. In other words, the love obsessed.
Because I have read it and because I’m dying to hear all your thoughts on it, I’m nominating Love Warrior as our first Love Hard Book Club choice. One of my favorite Glennon quotes is to “show up before you’re ready,” and in initiating this online book club, I am doing precisely that. Showing up for something in which I don’t know what to expect. But here is what I’m thinking:
Every Monday over the next few weeks I’ll be throwing out some questions and quotes from the book to get you thinking. You can find them on my Facebook page, Love for the Maslins. Then, on Thursday, November 17th at 8:30PM, I will venture into unknown/scary territory – going Live to discuss the book. I’ve never tried this Facebook live thing before and the image of my own big head on my iPhone or computer is enough to deter me completely. But screw it, I’ll classify it under the heading of doing one big thing that scares me that day.
So, are you in?
I hope so.
I’ve never, ever regretted reading a book – even if I didn’t love it. I sincerely regret all the hours I have spent watching House Hunters International when I could have been reading a book instead. Just something to think about.
So, mark your calendars and look out for those Love Hard Book Club updates. I can’t wait to hear your takeaways from the book. I know we can think harder, learn more, and bigger our hearts together.

4 thoughts on “THE LOVE HARD BOOK CLUB

  1. Abby, I ordered the book. It has been forever since I’ve been part of a book club. The last one was in Capitol Hill when we lived in Takoma Park. I am a hopeful maybe– depending on what all I am juggling that week. I do plan to try to read the book. By the way, congrats on your new little bundle of Love!
    Thanks, Alisa (spouse of Mike Mangiaracina)


    1. Alisa, thank you so much! We are loving our little Rosie girl. So glad to hear you bought the book – hoping you like it as much as I did and CAN’T wait to get your thoughts on it afterward!! Hugs to Mike and Milo.


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