January of intentional living


​I’m a few weeks later than I hoped to be with this post, but better late than never when it comes to intentional living I say. This year our family is adopting one new habit each month to help us create a lessful wasteful lifestyle. Never before has this goal been more important to me personally. With the Dakota Pipeline back in construction, the EPA on the potential chopping block, and some of the other anti-environment initiatives we’re seeing at the national level, I am seriously STRESSED when it comes to the environment. We’ve got a lot of advocacy work to do these days, but we can’t let Mother Earth get left behind. Whichever side of politics you happen to stand on, I hope we can agree on this: we must teach the next generation a more sustainable way of living. After all, this is their planet to inherit.

With that in mind, the focus for January was on little Rosie and making the switch to cloth diapers. I realize we’re hardly revolutionaries here. People have been using cloth diapers for generations and there are some great blogs out there to help newcomers like me. It’s something I hoped to do with Jack and if I had known how brutally long it would take to fully potty train him, perhaps I would have gotten my act together and made it happen.

While there’s still some debate about how much greener cloth diapers are over disposables, we thought it wise to at least reduce our consumption of disposables. Now we Maslins are often on the go and away from home on the weekends, so we decided it made sense for us to stick with disposables in these instances. At home, however, we began the cloth diaper overhaul…

​It began with a small financial investment. To do the cloth diaper thing well, we discovered you need 7-12 cloth diapers (we went with BumGenius and the less expensive LAIMALA, both from Amazon.com). We also invested in an extra set of reusable charcoal bamboo liners. What I love about these is that they are SUPER absorbent, so after we exit the diaper phase, they’ll make excellent towels for cleaning (we’ve retired all paper towel usage in 2017).

We also decided to try our hand at homemade baby wipes. For this we bought 24 baby washcloths and concocted a spray of purified water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. These cloths aren’t so great for cleaning up big poopy messes, but they’re awesome for freshening up and they make baby’s bum smell like a glorious English garden.

Like any new habit, the cloth thing has taken a little getting used to. And like any new green habit, the beginning is a little bit of work and a little bit of money, in the hope of a big payoff in the long term.

While this past month was mostly about diapers, the conversation online around #yearofintentionalliving has generated some brilliant ideas about other easy ways to waste less. I’ve been so inspired by many friends who have lived these habits for years. They are slowly indoctrinating me into more this sustainable lifestyle and I’m grateful for their suggestions.

February’s new habit? Composting.

A perfect segway into spring, when we tackle our garden and begin growing our own food.

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